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Experts in sensing and control products for R&D, process, and manufacturing applications

Vibrance Solutions is a representative for a variety of measurement sensors and instrumentation products. We provide off the shelf, as well as custom designed sensors and instrumentation for your specific applications.


Vibrance has over three decades of experience working with sensors and instrumentation starting from a test lab at Wright Paterson Air Force Base, and working at sensor and instrumentation companies, and then selling these products since 1991.


Vibrance has its primary office located in San Jose, California, and retains a support office in the Central Valley of Northern California. 

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Laser Distance Sensors Data Analysis and Vibration Control Systems Strain Gaging and Data Acquisition Services Gauss Meters, Current Sensors, Hall Effect Sensors  
Inductive Eddy Current Position Sensors Analog Signal Conditioners Pressure Sensors, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors Ultrasonic Liquid Level sensors, Pressure Sensors and Magnetic Sensors